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A log of new features, updates & bug fixes completed in the IdealTraits platform.

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**Note: This change log does not include back-end development, nor does it include changes made prior to July 28th, 2020**

May 2024 - Upload Candidate

  • You can now bulk upload up to 500 candidates at a time to your IdealTraits candidate list.

May 2024 - Multi-User Location Permissions

  • Launched location permissions at the multi-user level, allowing employers with multiple locations to assign their additional users to only post jobs and view candidates for the location they are assigned.

April 2024 - Career Pages

  • Launched new, modern designs for Career Pages including an enhanced Settings experience and redesigned Job Ad Landing Pages.

April 2024 - New Filters

  • Added an Archive Tag filter to sort your Archived candidates.

March 2024 - Multi-Locations

  • Added the ability to purchase additional location slots for businesses with multiple brick-and-mortar locations.

March 2024 - Additional Filter Options

  • Added the ability to filter candidates by Video Interview status and Archive Tag.

February 2024 - Two-Way Texting

  • Added the ability to send customized texts to candidates to maintain communication throughout the hiring process.

February 2024 - Checkr

  • Added a new marketplace card to promote background checks offered through Checkr.

February 2024 - Recruiter Platform

  • Recruiters can now access members' IdealTraits accounts in a Recruiter View when provided with the member's Recruiter Access Key.

January 2024 - Refer & Earn

  • Refer your friends who are actively hiring to IdealTraits directly from your account to be entered into our monthly Referral Drawing.

January 2024 - AI Company Descriptions

  • Added the ability to generate Company Descriptions on your Career Page with AI Technology.

December 2023 - XCEL Solutions

December 2023 - Pre-Qualifying Questions

  • We launched our Pre-Qualifying Questions Module, encouraging you to ask applicants those need-to-know questions at the point of application.

November 2023 - Manage Columns

  • We launched our Manage Columns feature on the Jobs page to allow you to choose the information you would like to see about your candidates.

November 2023 - Video Interview AI Transcriptions

  • Video Interviews are now transcribed with AI to ensure you don't miss a beat when reviewing candidate interviews.

October 2023 - AI-Generated Job Ads

  • We officially launched our first AI feature, allowing you to create tailored and customizable job ads at the click of a button.

October 2023 - LinkedIn Job Sharing

  • You can now automatically share your jobs through LinkedIn's job network by linking your Company ID to your IdealTraits account in our Marketplace.

August 2023 - Hiring Stages

  • We made an update to the stages menu in our candidate UI that provides users with an option to collapse and expand their stages, allowing a bigger view of their candidate list.

July 2023 - Hybrid Remote

  • You can now post Hybrid Remote jobs to advertise for partial remote and partial in-office in your area.

July 2023 - Candidate Tagging

  • Added customizable tags to the Candidate List. Tags can be added to candidate profiles from the Candidate list or within the candidate profile, allowing you to categorize your candidates easily and review the top characteristics of their resumes at a glance.

June 2023 - Insurance Staff ROI Calculator

  • The new feature allows you to tailor the calculator to your agency and generate a detailed, comprehensive report outlining the financial impact of hiring a new producer over the time they spend with your agency. Try it now.

June 2023 - Multiuser Capabilities

  • Added multi-users to accounts. Additional users are able to have full access to collaborate within your IdealTraits account under their own login. Additional users can be edited at any time.

May 2023 - Gold Tier Partner - Indeed ATS Partner Program

  • As a Gold partner, we work closely with Indeed to build reliable integrations that optimize your hiring process. Learn more about Indeed’s ATS integrations #indeedatspartner

April 2023 - ExamFX

March 2023 - Insurance Sales Lab,

  • Updated the Marketplace User Interface and added new marketplace cards to promote Insurance Sales Lab and Learn More.

February 2023 - Understanding the Personality Tools

  • Added links to all personality summaries inside the candidate profile, on click, an article will open in a new tab with more details regarding the candidates' personality. As well as a button that opens a video summarizing the personality type.

February 2023 - Farmers ASCTS Candidate Pool

  • Added tagging to the Farmers exclusive candidate pool. Tags are applied to candidates whose resume includes specified keywords. Tags can be used in the filter drawer and transfer into your account after a candidates been downloaded from the pool.

February 2023 - Role Play at the Olson Agency

  • Added a new marketplace card to promote insurance educational training with Role Play at the Olson Agency. Learn more about RPOA.

January 2023 - BIGi Features

  • Building off of, we launched a job board landing pages for all state associations within the Big I.

  • Build a Big I limited package for job placement on

January 2023 - Resume Parsing

  • Began parsing resumes, allowing IdealTraits users to search their candidates using keywords they seek out in resumes. This parsing technology is also put to work in new candidate alert email notifications - where candidate skills are highlighted in the message.

January 2023 - Idealinterviews Integration

  • New integration built by IdealTraits. This integration allows you to send one way video interviews to candidates and receive responses in form of video right to your IdealTraits account where you can view on your own time. Learn more.

December 2022 - Additions to your Career Page

  • New feature allows you to upload an intro video to your career page. Learn more.

December 2022 - Click to Dial in Candidate list

  • Implemented click to dial in the candidates list so users can click on a candidates phone number to dial out and call.

December 2022 - Updates to the Indeed Sponsored Jobs Integration

November 2022 - Additions to Farmers ASCTS

  • Exclusive to Farmers Store Agents.

  • New partnerships with, The Muse, 12Twenty & Indeed

October 2022 - Dynamic QR Code Generator

  • Allows users to download dynamic QR codes and advertise their opportunities from promotional products like flyers, banners, posters, etc. Learn more.

October 2022 - BIGiJobs for State Associations

  • Exclusive to Big I Independent Agents

September 2022 - Introduced Idealinterviews Pilot

September 2022 - Launched New Partnership with Verified First

  • The Verified First integration provides employers with a seamless way to initiate and review background checks on potential new hires. Learn more.

August 2022 - Launched IdealTraits New Registration

July 2022 - Expert Job Ad Review for New Job Ad Postings

June 2022 - IdealTraits in Mobile Browser

  • Allows users to post jobs and view candidates on the go via their mobile browser.

  • Desktop is still required to send emails via the IdealTraits platform, but all other features and tools are accessible through your mobile browser.

June 2022 - Update to the Indeed Sponsored Jobs Integration

  • Updated to make the latest improvements for Indeed Campaign Predictions API

  • Through this API, Indeed provides budget recommendations based on job location and job title. Learn more.

April 2022 - Launched IdealTraits New User Interface

April 2022 - Launched BIGiJobs

  • Exclusive to Big I Independent Agents

November 2021 - Updated Terms of Use

October 2021 - Launched Farmers ASCTS

  • Exclusive to Farmers Store Agents.

September 2021 - ZipRecruiter Pricing Update

August 2021 - Maintenance to Indeed Sponsor Job Integration

August 2021 - SMS to ACE Bot Rebrand

  • Updated SMS bot text to ACE bot in all areas within a users account.

  • Learn about the ACE bot here.

July 2021 - Maintenance to Indeed Sponsor Job Integration

  • Made required updates from Indeed to the Indeed Sponsored Jobs API.

  • Updates allow users whom haven't sponsored with Indeed thru their IdealTraits account to sponsor jobs on Indeed through the IdealTraits platform.

  • Learn more about sponsoring with Indeed here.

May 2021 - Career Page Banners

  • Added more banner image options to the 'Corporate' folder

May 2021 - Expiring 'Paused' Ads - Notifications Update

  • Expires 'Paused' job ads after 15 days of no candidate action.

  • This solves an issue where users would reopen a job ad that had been paused for 14+ days and job ad would instantly expire.

  • Users will not receive notification emails when 'Paused' job ads expire.

Read this article for more on on expired job ads.

May 2021 - Job Type

  • Added a required field for job type where user indicates if the job position is full-time, part-time or if they are hiring for either or.

April 2021 - Fully Remote Option Added to Create/Edit Job Ad page

March 2021 - Maintenance to Indeed Sponsor Job Integration

  • Updated one time campaigns to switch from sponsored status to active status when budget set is 100% spent.

March 2021 - Website UI on Career Page & Job ad Landing Page

February 2021 - Yext Integration

  • IdealTraits partnered with Yext to create an opt-in option when creating or editing a job ad that allows Farmers Store Agents & DMs only to share their job opportunities to their website via a seamless integration.

  • To do so, simply navigate to the bottom of your job ad in the edit/add job add page. Where it asks "share to Farmers website?" select "Yes" to opt-in,

  • If you do not want your ad to show on your website, choose "No" to opt-out.

  • Only job ads that are opted-in will display on your Career Page/Farmers Website.

February 2021 - Job Ad Landing Page Redesign

  • Updated Job Ad webpage to coordinate with the users career page.

  • Added a button to the webpage that will allow candidates to access the company's career page, making it easy for candidates to view all available job openings for that company.

  • Banner image and colors used on the job ad webpage can be edited from the career page tab in user settings.

February 2021 - Image Editor

  • To prevent logos from stretching to fit our required dimensions, we've implemented an image editor into the platform.

  • This will allow users to resize and crop their images to best fit on their career page and job ads.

January 2021 - Referral in Candidate Assessment

  • Implemented a referral section at the end of the candidate assessment where candidates can share the job opening with friends/family via social media, SMS, email, etc.

December 2020 - Career Page Redesign

  • Moved career page content to it own section in My Settings.

  • Clients can now choose to customize their career page with color themes and a banner image.

  • Redesigned the layout of the career page. Added company description templates, 31 banner images and 11 different color themes.

  • Click here to read more about the career page.

November 2020 - Zapier

  • Added Zapier to our suite of integrations. This will allow clients to connect to other apps (i.e google sheets, salesforce, etc) and export candidates. There will be more information to come relating to this addition. Learn more.

November 2020 - Career Page Updates

  • Added a shortcut button to the View All Jobs page that allows users to easily view their career page, access the link to share it, or edit. Learn more.

October 2020 - Organic Partnership with Monster Jobs

  • Added Monster to the list of job boards receiving a direct feed for all job ads posted through the IdealTraits platform.

  • This means any clients that click "Post Ad" in the IdealTraits Post Jobs page will automatically have their ad posted to Monster and can reach a new audience with Job Seekers on

August 2020 - Archive & Reject Update

  • This update added a time delay option when sending rejection emails. If you are using this feature and don't want to send a rejection email instantly, you can choose to send it in 30 minutes, or 1 day. When archiving & sending a rejection to 10 > candidates, the "immediate" option is not be available. This is because we are sending several emails at once and it will take a minimum of 30 minutes to process and send to all selected candidates.

August 2020 - Archive & Reject

Implemented a new feature that allows users to archive a candidate and send them a rejection letter at the same time. This can be done by choosing from the rejection emails we've preloaded, it will appear in a dialogue box for review. Once user clicks "Send to Archive." The candidate will be sent to archive and shortly after, they will receive the rejection email. This action can be done in three places:

  1. Candidates > View All > Stages drop down > Archive

  2. Candidates Profile > Advance Candidate drop down > Archive

  3. Candidates > View All > Multi Select more than 1 candidate > Advance to drop down > Archive

Links to related articles:

Read this article to learn more about archiving candidates.

July 2020 - 30 Minute Consultation Add-On

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