Discounted pre-licensing exam prep for entry-level candidates and continued education courses.

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ExamFX is the nationwide leader for insurance and securities pre-licensing training and continuing education. Instructing millions and partnering with some of the most respected brands in the insurance and securities industries. Click Connect to add templated, ready-to-send emails to your account, with IdealTraits’ partner discount code included.

Get Started with ExamFX

To learn more and sign up today, find the ExamFX block in your account Marketplace as a Preferred Partner.

Click Connect to begin sending invitations to clients or employees to purchase their prelicensing or continuing education courses at a discounted price.

You'll see a confirmation that ExamFX email templates have been added to your account.

Send ExamFX Email Templates

To send invitations to complete courses, navigate to the Candidate page and click the Candidate Name.

Click Send Email from the right floating menu within the candidate's profile.

From the menu of available email templates, select the Education folder and click ExamFX.

Click Send in the email preview to send the invitation to your candidate to purchase and access their training materials with the included discount code.

Once the email has been sent, it will be recorded in the Comments & Activity section of that candidate's profile.

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