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Download and share your Career Page with a customizable QR Code.
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Make it easier for candidates to see your open opportunities in one place from flyers, "Help Wanted" signs, business cards, and more with one QR Code.

When someone scans your QR Code, it will direct them to your IdealTraits Career Page where they can view and apply to any of your Active job ads.

  1. Access Your Career Page QR Code by going to Hiring Settings > Career Page.

**Note: You can also access this feature from your Jobs page. Click on the Career Page menu located to the right of the search bar and click on Download QR Code.**

2. Click on Download QR Code at the top of the page.

3. Select your QR Code Image Size based on the materials you'll be including it on.

You can also update the QR Code Color to match your company branding by typing in the color code.

4. Once you're ready to use your customized QR Code, Click Download to save it to your computer.

Now you're ready to put it on your marketing materials and spread the word that you're hiring!

If you have any additional questions regarding this tutorial please feel free to reach out, we are here to help.

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