Sponsoring a Job Ad with Indeed

The process of sponsoring a job ad with Indeed, as well as viewing job ad performance & analytics.

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With our seamless integration with Indeed, IdealTraits users can easily sponsor a job ad, as well as view analytics and job ad performance right from the IdealTraits platform.

How to Sponsor a Job Ad with Indeed

1. Log in to your IdealTraits account, click "Jobs" > "View All" and locate the active ad you want to sponsor.

2. In the action drop down, select "Sponsor"

3. The next screen you will see is the "Sponsor Job" page that looks similar to the image below. Under the "Indeed" logo click on the button that says "Continue"

4. From here, a window will appear on your screen asking for the email address associated to your Indeed account. If you do not have an Indeed account, insert the email you would like to use in order to create an Indeed account. Click "Connect"

5. On Indeed, log into your account. If you do not have an Indeed account, you will be prompted to set one up. Follow the steps on Indeed to set up your business account.

Note: After logging into Indeed the first time, you will not be asked to do so again unless there is no activity between the two accounts for 60 days.

6. When you have successfully logged into/created your Indeed account, you will be redirected to IdealTraits and prompted to set a budget for your sponsored job ad. Once you've set your budget, select "Create Campaign"

Note: Ensure that you are including only numerical values when setting your budget and no special characters such as "$." (EX. 500.00 is fine while $500.00 will not be accepted.)

7. Click "Allow" to allow IdealTraits access to your Indeed account.

9. Lastly, IdealTraits will ask you to confirm your campaign, review the budget and when you are ready click "Confirm".

Note: If you created an Indeed account during this process, you may receive a pop up saying to try again in a few hours. Don't worry! This is just because Indeed needs some time to establish the connection, leave your job ad as active and allow at least 6 hours before trying to sponsor again.

10. That's it! You now have a sponsored job ad on Indeed.

Note: If you put a sponsored ad into "Paused", "Archive" or the ad "Expires" before your sponsored campaign is over, the campaign will pause and not spend any additional sponsorship money.

How to View Analytics & Job Ad Performance

1. On the top left of your IdealTraits account, click on "Jobs" > "View All"

2. Locate the Sponsored Job Ad you want to view analytics for

3. In the "Status" column, you will see a "Sponsored" status and right below that you will see "Indeed: Budget Spent $XXX.XX" click on this.

4. A window will open showing you the Indeed campaign analytics for your Sponsored Job Ad.

Note: Clients that go directly on Indeed to sponsor will not be shown campaign analytics through their IdealTraits platform. If this window is reporting '0' in each column, that means your ad was sponsored directly on Indeed (not through the IdealTraits platform) and you will have to check your Analytics on Indeed.

Use the "Indeed Analytic Dashboard" button as a shortcut when you want to view your campaign analytics page in Indeed.

Tips when Sponsoring on Indeed

  • Make sure you have an Indeed account created and have valid payment/billing information stored in Indeed.

  • Always try to sponsor on Indeed through your IdealTraits account, that way we have the information we need and can provide our best service to you. If you do go directly to Indeed to sponsor, you should frequently check your Indeed analytics page to ensure your campaign is running as should.

We hope you found this article helpful.

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