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The Career Page feature is an awesome tool to utilize when recruiting top talent. With IdealTraits, you have the ability to customize your career page to match your brand with 11 different color theme options and a library full of banner images. Give candidates even more by adding your social media handles as well as brag a bit about your agency by writing a captivating company description. You can share your career page to social media, send it to referrals, advertise it on your own website and more. Plus, it’s mobile-friendly! Keep reading along to learn further.

What is a Career Page?

A career page is a full-service site that helps you drive applicant interest by showcasing your company's brand, culture & employment opportunities. It's a way to advertise your job opportunities off of the job boards and an easy way to give possible candidates insight to your agency before they apply.

How do I use it to benefit my business?

You can use your career page to build up your brand and share your job openings by sharing it to social media, with referrals, or with family & friends. Ask your network to help spread your business's job opening(s) across the internet. This is a powerful way to build your online presence and increase your candidate reach.

Where can I customize my Career Page?

Settings for your Career page are located in ‘Settings’ > 'Hiring Settings' > ‘Career Page’ tab. Any changes made to your career page are automatically saved, and you can come back and edit, at any time. Any changes you make to your career page will also reflect on your different job ad websites.

You will see each of the following in your Career page settings:

1. Career Page QR Code

Easily direct potential candidates to your Career Page to view your open positions through your Career Page QR code. Click to learn more.

2. Color theme

Here you have 11 options to choose from. We recommend choosing a theme that best matches your brand. To see what your options look like live, use the ‘Preview’ button. All edits on this page are auto-saved.

2. Link Color

This will set the color of any links that appear on your career page. (i.e job titles that open to each job ad, or your website URL) There are 11 color options to choose from. Use the ‘Preview’ button to see what your selections look like in a live environment.

3. Banner image

The banner image will display at the top of your career page. You can upload your own photo or you can choose from our library of options. We’ve uploaded 31 different images that are automatically sized and ready to be used. If you are uploading your own image, you will need to make sure the image dimensions are 1858 X 600 pixels.

4. Company description

This is where you will want to take a minute or two to talk about your company, your brand, and your office environment. We recommend writing out about 4-7 sentences. Use your company description to boast about your agency, try to express to candidates why they should want to work for you. If you are looking for a description that’s a little more generic or don’t have time to write one right away, choose from our pre-formatted templates. You can come back and edit this at any time.

5. Introduction Video

Upload a video to your Career Page to give candidates a better idea of who you are as a company and why they should be so excited to work with you. This helps to increase candidates' interest in your position and allows you to show off your personality and culture. Click to learn more about uploading your video.

6. Social Media

Copy and Paste the URL to your company's social media accounts into the designated blank entries shown here. By doing this, you will add your handles to your career page. Candidates can click on the social media icons and will be directed to the attached profiles where they can do more research. By adding social media, you give the candidate the opportunity to easily learn more about your agency and get a feel for the workplace they applied/are planning to apply to. Social Icons appear at the bottom of your career page.

How do I Share my Career Page with others?

Career Page URL

This is the link to your career page. You can click ‘Copy URL’ and paste it into emails, social media posts, etc. as a way to get others to view your career page and any job opportunities you may have. Any job ads you post using your IdealTraits account will automatically populate to your career page.

If you have any additional questions regarding this tutorial please feel free to reach out, we are here to help.

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