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An overview of the 6 different job ad status and what they each mean.

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A 'Draft' job status means that your ad has never been posted live to the job boards. The draft status does not populate a posted date, once the drafted ad is made active a posted date will appear.

An 'Active' job status means that your ad is live and posted organically on the job boards. A job ad becomes active when you click "Post Ad" on the 'Create a Job Ad' page. Note that active ads will not immediately appear on the job boards, it can take up to 48 hours for your ad to be visible on sites like Indeed.

A 'Sponsored' job status means that your ad is sponsored on either Indeed or ZipRecruiter. Below the sponsored status, you can see which board your ad is sponsored on. If you are sponsoring on Indeed, you can view your campaign analytics and keep track of your paid ad performance by clicking on the budget remaining (refer to the image below).

A 'Paused' Status means that this job ad was active or sponsored at one point but was taken down temporarily. A Paused ad will remain paused for 120 days past the posted date, at that point your paused ad will automatically expire. You can pause an active or sponsored job ad by choosing the pause button from the action drop-down OR by going into your job like you were to edit it and clicking "Pause" at the bottom of the page. If you choose to pause a sponsored ad with Indeed, your campaign will also pause, meaning no additional funds will be spent until the ad is posted again, at which point the campaign will automatically resume.

An 'Expired' status is automatically triggered. Active or Paused job ads can become expired, this happens when 120 days have passed since the job ads posted date and/or no candidates have applied within the last 15 days. You will receive an automated email notifying you when a job ad expires. If you want to post a job ad that currently has an expired status, refer to the drop-down in the action column and click “Repost”.

An 'Archived' status can be used when you’ve made a hire and no longer need to fill this position OR when just trying to clean up your jobs page. This doesn't mean your ad is forever deleted, it's simply placed in a separate area, out of view, and can be easily accessed using the filter by status dropdown. To archive a job ad, refer to the drop-down in the actions column and select “Archive.” Jobs with an archived status can be posted again by clicking on the drop-down in the action column and selecting “Repost.”

To filter your job ads by status, use the 'Jobs by Status' column on the left-hand side of the Jobs page. Simply click the status you want to view.

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