Job Ad Expiration

What is job ad expiration and how to repost your job when it happens.

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Job boards have guidelines on when a posted job ad expires and it is up to the client to monitor its status. Follow the instructions below to help identify what it means for a job to expire, when it happens, and how to repost your job.

What does an expired ad mean?:

  • If your job ad is expired it means your ad is no longer active or visible on job boards and candidates can not apply.

When does a job ad expire?:

  • A job ad expires when an 'active' or 'paused' job ad has not had a candidate apply for over 15 consecutive days.

  • You can see how recently candidates have applied to the ad in your under the “Last Candidates” column of your active positions.

  • If a job ad is expired, it will say ‘expired’ under the “Status” column of the jobs table

How do you repost your job ad?:

  • When you see your job ad is expired, click the action dropdown and click "Repost"

  • Once you click "Repost", your job ad will duplicate itself and the duplicated version will open in the Job Ad Editor screen where you can make changes if needed.

  • From here, you can save your ad to post it at a later date or you can post it live on the Job Boards

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