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Learn how to customize sections of the IdealTraits assessment you are sending to your candidates.

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The Assessment tab in Hiring Settings allows you to customize sections of the assessment to match what you are looking for in a candidate for each individual position available.

By default, all sections on the test are active and required. They are as follows:

1. Personality Assessment (35 most and least questions)
2. Problem Solving (15 multiple choice)
3. Short Answers (up to 5 questions)

Adding the Assessment to a New Position

In order to use a newly added position when creating a job ad, you must attach an assessment. If you haven't already added a position, check out this article for step-by-step help!

To add an assessment to a new position, refer to the Assessment tab in Hiring Settings.

Click on Add Assessment in the upper right corner of the Assessment table. Note that Add Assessment can only be clicked on when an existing or newly created position does not already have an assessment attached.

In the Add An Assessment window, select the new position that you would like to use and click Save.

Editing Assessment Settings for an Existing Position

IdealTraits highly recommends that ALL potential candidates take the personality portion of the assessment but you can choose to either edit or omit the short answer and problem-solving portions.

To edit an assessment, refer to the Assessment tab in Hiring Settings.

Click Edit next to the position you want to edit the assessment for. You will see the following window:

From here you can choose to select which sections your candidate will be required to finish. For instance, if you choose to not include the Problem Solving then you would toggle off “Problem Solving".

You can edit the short answer questions by clicking the pencil next to 'Short Answer Questions'. Doing so will take you to another box where you can choose up to five EEOC-compliant short-answer questions.

Once everything is as you want it, be sure to hit Save.

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