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The Position settings in Hiring Settings is a useful space to help you organize the different positions in your office.

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The Position settings in 'Hiring Settings' is a useful space to help you organize the different positions in your office.

By default, we have added a few positions for you. We've automatically added Current Employee, Administration/CSR, Office Manager, Producer/LSP, Sales Manager, and Telemarketer to your roster.

Feel free to add additional positions you have available in your company by following the steps below:

How to Add a Position:

1. Select "Add Position"

4. In the Position Pop-Up window - fill out the position title, the position description, and make sure the position is active then select "Save".

Don't forget this next step:

Once the position has been saved you will need to add the assessment to it in order for it to be used when posting a job.

7. If everything looks the way you would like it to, be sure to click "Save" and now you can use your custom position in a job ad!

How to Delete a Position

You can delete a position you no longer have in your office by clicking the Delete button next to the position you wish to get rid of. Prior to deleting a position, make sure you have no active job ads using this position.

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