The Position settings in 'Hiring Settings' is a useful space to help you organize the different positions in your office.

By default, we have added a few positions for you. We've automatically added Current Employee, Administration/CSR, Office Manager, Producer/LSP, Sales Manager, and Telemarketer to your roster.

Feel free to add additional positions you have available in your company by clicking the Add Position button at the top right of the screen.

You will be asked to fill in the position title, the description, and make it active. Once complete you will have the ability to assign a custom assessment and edit as necessary.

If you wish to edit a position click the Edit button next to the position you wish to change.

You can delete a position you no longer have in your office by clicking the Delete button next to the position you wish to get rid of. Prior to deleting a position, make sure you have no active job ads using this position.

Once you have the new position added be sure to go into the "Assessment" tab right below the "Position" tab to add the assessment to the new position. To add the assessment, simply click on Add Assessment and select the position you just created from the dropdown menu.

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