How to Add a Position

How to create a custom position for a job ad.

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When posting a job, you will notice that there is a required field where you can select a position name. The position name is not visible to candidates, or the job boards, it's simply a way to distinguish which applicants applied to which job position when viewing your list of candidates.

All accounts will automatically have these positions pre-loaded: Telemarketer, Sales Manager, Producer / LSP, Office Manager, Administration / CSR, and Current Employee. You can choose from these options OR if you want to better label your job ads, you can add your own. This article will tell you how!

How to Add a Position:

1. First click the "Settings" icon in the upper right hand corner of your account and click the 'Hiring Settings' tab.

2. Next, click on the tab labeled "Position". This will bring up all active positions you can choose from in the create a job section.

3. Once here select "Add Position"

4. In the Position Pop Up window - fill out the position title, the position description, and make sure the position is active then select "Save".

Don't forget this next step:

Once the position has been saved you will need to add the assessment to it in order for it to be used when posting a job.

5. To do this, select the "Assessment" tab. Then select "Add Assessment".

6. In the Add Assessment pop up -- select your new position. In the platform, we have automatically toggled on each assessment category and selected 5 short answers by default. (See Assessment Settings below if you want to make changes to the assessment for this position).

7. If everything looks the way you would like it too, be sure to click "Save" and now you can use your custom position in a job ad!

Assessment Settings:

Keep in mind that any job ad you post using this position name will have these assessment settings.

To turn off any assessment categories, toggle them to "off"

To change the short answer questions, click the pencil icon next to where it says 'Short Answer Questions.'

In the Customize Questions window, uncheck the questions you don't want asked, and check the ones you do. You can choose up to 5 questions. Be sure to click "Insert" when done. From here, make sure you "Save" your changes.

If you have any additional questions regarding this tutorial please feel free to reach out, we are here to help.

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