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Indeed's Salary Transparency Guidelines
Indeed's Salary Transparency Guidelines

Learn more about Indeed's Salary Transparency guidelines affect your job ad and salary estimates.

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Are you including a salary range in your job ads? If not, Indeed will do it for you. Keep reading to learn more about why it is so important to be transparent about salary expectations when listing a job ad and how Indeed is stepping up by changing its salary transparency guidelines. If you haven’t seen these updates yet, be sure to check them out here, but I will break them down for you in this article.

Why has this happened?

According to Indeed, salary is one of the most important things in a job ad from the candidate’s perspective. Candidates have the option to filter jobs based on salary and one of the top pieces of feedback provided to Indeed by candidates is that they are looking for better insight into expected salary ranges for jobs. More than 40% of candidates use the salary filter as the first filter they select when searching for jobs.

Now more than ever, candidates are shopping for new positions just as much as you are shopping for a new employee. With there being more job ads on the boards than there are candidates searching, competition is higher than ever. One of the easiest ways to stand out against your competition in the eyes of the candidate is to have the most attractive and clearly defined salary range.

While you have the option to not include a salary in your job ad, Indeed no longer leaves these salary spaces blank. Rather than not listing a salary at all, when you do not manually include a salary range in your job ad, Indeed will add a salary estimate to your job ad for you.

To estimate the job salary Indeed utilizes salary information provided by employers and job seekers based on the features of the job. They look at all of the unique factors in a job ad that relate to compensation such as job title, experience requirements, education requirements, job location, and more. They update the models used for these estimates weekly to ensure that they are always as accurate and up-to-date as possible.

If you do not include your own salary range, the salary estimate provided by Indeed will appear in two places in your job ad. First, the salary estimate will appear on the ad preview within the search results as demonstrated below.

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The salary estimate will also appear in the job ad itself under the Salary Guide section. Indeed will state that a salary range was not provided by the employer before including their salary estimate as demonstrated in the image below.

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While the salary estimate is currently only displayed in these two locations, Indeed is working to increase salary estimate transparency within client dashboards.

To override the salary estimate on your job post, all you have to do is log into your IdealTraits account, go to Jobs, click on the title of your ad, and make sure that you have a salary range listed. You want to double-check that you have not selected the box that says “Choose not to disclose salary on job ad.” If this box is selected, your designated salary range will not be included in the ad and Indeed will add a salary estimate to your job on your behalf as described above.

Why is this important?

Salary is displayed on Indeed in search results, company pages, job descriptions, and more. Because of this, if you do not list a salary range on an ad yourself, Indeed may display their own salary estimate on your job ad to give candidates a better idea of what they might expect to earn in your agency. To ensure candidates have an accurate idea of what they could earn in their first year with your agency, make sure you are manually adding a salary range when creating your job ad.

To best display your salary in the ad, Indeed recommends that you keep the salary listing as simple as possible and avoid listing multiple different salary ranges in the ad. For help coming up with an accurate salary estimate, check out our other Help Center articles like what to put in the salary range, why it is important to include a salary, and more.

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