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Learn best practices for listing salary in your job ads.

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Accurate Listing:

Always double-check your salary range to ensure the value and pay period makes sense. For example, someone might see a job listed for $30,000 - $40,000 an hour and think your job ad is a scam. Or, someone might be interested in your position, but see that your salary is listed at $3,000 - $4,000 per year, which could dissuade them from applying. Always check before posting your ad to ensure your salary range is listed accurately.

Realistic Listing:

Ensure your job salary is realistic and attainable. While you might think a salary range of up to $200,000 a year is going to attract your top earner, most candidates realize agencies will not likely be offering a $200,000 base salary. You want to make sure to consider that the salary range listed at the top of your job is representing the base salary that a candidate could expect to make their first year with your agency. You can always advertise advancement opportunities and even break down your commission structure in the benefits section to let candidates know how they can increase their earnings far beyond that listed base salary while they are with your agency.

Transparent Listing:

A candidate should be able to read your job ad and know exactly what they can expect in terms of compensation when working for your agency. At the top of the job builder, you want to list your base salary range in the provided boxes. Make sure to keep this range within a $20,000 difference from the low end of the salary to the high end of the salary. We’ll break this down more in the Benefits section.

You must always justify your salary in the benefits section. Start off with the basics - “Base Salary plus Commission,” “Base Salary Based on Experience,” or “Base Salary plus Bonus Opportunities.” From there, we can break it down even more so candidates can picture themselves in your office.

For Example:

Salary Range: $30,000 - $40,000 per year

Benefits: Base Salary plus Commissions - Entry-level applicants start with a base salary of $30,000 and will make additional commissions of at least $10,000 in their first year. Experienced candidates start with a base salary of $40,000 and top performers in our agency made $28,000 in additional commission last year.

To ensure these numbers are accurate, think about what the minimum requirement will be for your new hires to meet their sales goals. In the example above, entry-level candidates would start at a base salary of $30,000 but would have to sell enough to make at least $10,000 in commission to be considered successful and to stay with the agency.

Meeting the Job Board Guidelines:

To promote a more transparent experience for job seekers, Indeed has updated its salary transparency guidelines. If your job does not list a salary, Indeed will provide an estimate for you based on similar positions in your area. The best way to combat misunderstandings or miscommunication with potential candidates is to ensure that you list an accurate salary range when posting your job.

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