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Do I Really Need to List a Salary?
Do I Really Need to List a Salary?

One of the first things you see when you create your ad is the salary range. But do you really need to list one?

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You’re ready to post an ad to hire your next employee, but one of the first things you see when you create your ad is the salary range. Do you really need to list one?

If you want to attract quality candidates, absolutely! According to Indeed, ads that list a salary see 40% more applicants than those that don’t. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Many candidates will use a salary filter in their job searches. If you don’t list a salary, candidates using the salary filter will never see your ad.

  2. Transparency. Candidates want to know if they will be paid fairly for their work, and they won’t consider applying to ads that aren’t upfront about what they can earn.

You definitely want quality candidates, so you’ve decided to include the salary range on your ad. Great! So how do you determine what that range should look like?

  1. It should be the amount the candidate can reasonably expect to earn within the first year at your agency, with their base pay and expected commissions combined.

  2. The range should be no wider than a $20,000 difference (for example, $40,000 to $60,000 is a reasonable range, while $40,000 to 95,000 is not).

  3. Posting an unreasonable range (over $20,000 difference) can lead to the job boards rejecting your ad as potential spam. And you certainly don’t want that! Plus, it doesn't give candidates a great idea of what they can reasonably expect to make.

But I have a rockstar sales leader that brings home $95,000 no problem!

That’s amazing! Absolutely let your new hires know that there is that potential for them. But it’s not reasonable to expect that a first-year employee will earn that much, Make sure your ad reflects a reasonable, obtainable salary for someone in their first year with their agency.

Okay, so how do I list a range?

You have a few options! You can list what they will earn hourly, daily, monthly, or by year. For a full-time position where they will be earning commissions, yearly is the most common format. For a part-time position, hourly would be the most common format.

Happy Hiring!

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