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Are You a Competitive Employer?
Improve Your Job Ad Performance
Improve Your Job Ad Performance

Get more candidates by improving your job ad and these best practices for attracting talent.

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Jumpstart your recruiting process by using IdealTraits to post to multiple job boards with a single posting. IdealTraits helps you to streamline recruiting. In some job markets, you may receive less than the expected number of candidates. If this is the case, you should follow these guidelines to improve visibility on job boards to attract more candidates.

Guidelines to improve job visibility.

Verify your settings in > Settings > Company Settings

  • Your Company Name should be your complete company name, as this will be what is advertised on job boards.

  • Avoid abbreviations, d/b/a, or “Inc.” unless it’s how you typically refer to the company.

  • Insert the company website that matches the company name on your account.

  • Your email address should match the company website domain (e.g. your email is and the website is

  • You should be an identifiable employer with public contact details or other verifiable information.

  • If you have a company logo, be sure to upload it.

*All of the above details can be updated from your IdealTraits account.*

Use search-friendly job titles

  • People search job sites using the name of the position that’s most familiar to them. While “senior licensed insurance sales guru” might sound exciting on a business card, job seekers are more likely to be searching for “Insurance Sales Representative”.

  • Give job seekers the best chance of finding your job by using common job names.

  • Avoid industry terms and jargon like P&C and CSR you can always get a bit more creative in the job description.

Job category

  • Select a category that best describes your industry and/or function. Job seekers will use categories to filter positions.

  • For example, when a candidate searches for “insurance sales in Austin, TX”, your job is more likely to come up in the search results if you select the category “Insurance Sales.”

  • Conversely, if you choose “sales” (a very general category) your ad will be mixed in with much more increased competition with jobs like “Shoe sales”, “Car sales”, “Sheet metal sales”, etc.

Job location

  • Include a valid zip code as the location of the job.

  • As a rule, job boards will use a 20-mile radius around your zip code to publish your job advertisement.

  • Do not publish the same job in multiple locations, unless the postings are for separate openings in different offices.

  • Each job opening should only be published once or it may be flagged as spam by job boards.

Description, Responsibilities, and Requirements

  • Include enough detail so that candidates understand the duties and requirements of the position at your company. You should have at least 700 characters.

  • If you need help creating the job description you’ll find a template button that will include libraries of editable templates on the right of the page. This will help get you in the right direction, but be sure to make it your own. Job seekers are savvy and can sniff out common templates.

  • The description should be for a single job opening. Each separate position should be its own job in IdealTraits. If you’re hiring for multiple openings, you still should write as if it was a single position (e.g. “Nurses” or “Salespeople” should be “Nurse” and “Salesperson”). Job seekers will only search for a singular position.

  • Make your description easy to read by using formatting options like headings, bold text, and bulleted lists. Limit the use of links and images since they aren’t supported by most job boards.

  • Format your text inside of IdealTraits, as opposed to writing a formatted description in a text editor and pasting it in. Pasting formatted text may lead to formatting issues on certain job boards.

  • Don’t provide other ways for candidates to apply, like an email address, phone number, or website link. IdealTraits will always include an Apply button automatically and adding links could flag your account as “spam” and be blocked for abuse.

  • Avoid language that could be viewed as discriminatory. This includes any age limits or similar language (e.g. “college students welcome”), specific pronouns (e.g. avoid using “he” or “she”), and nationality (when referring to language abilities use “native-level” instead of “native.”)

  • Use a Salary Range. Salary range is a filter that can be used by the job seeker which could potentially remove your job listing from the results if left blank. This is why it is always great practice to include the salary range. In the event the field is left blank, some job boards may, by default, only include your job in search results of the lowest salary range band.

Staying relevant by Sponsoring your job

  • All job sites tend to show more recent job postings higher in search results. This means that in the first couple of weeks you’ll get more candidates—but later on the job listing may be buried low in the searches.

  • Re-posting a job or duplicating the job so your job posting has a recent posted date is highly frowned upon. If you overdo this (i.e. creating an identical job position and republishing it every week) it will be detected by job boards and your account could be blocked for abuse. If you suspect that your job is blocked for abuse, please contact us.

  • The preferred solution to stay relevant in search results is to purchase paid listings on premium job sites like Indeed or ZipRecruiter. These paid sponsorship options offer you prominent placement and usually yield 3x to 5x more results than an organic posting. IdealTraits integrates seamlessly with our sponsors, and in many cases, offers you discounts and special offers.

Other tips

Some jobs are not eligible for job board syndication, or may not be available for free boards. The majority of job boards do not accept posts that advertise commission-only, short-term work, multi-level-marketing programs, solicitation by middlemen, or solicitations for purposes other than direct job-specific employment. Such adverts, whether they represent a legitimate career opportunity or not, are simply out of scope for job search sites. IdealTraits does not judge these opportunities, they simply are a set of rules given directly to us from job board syndicates.


How does the job review process work?

After publishing your job, it will be sent to 100's of job boards within 24 hours. During this time (usually only a few hours during weekdays) our search quality team may review the job. You may receive an email letting you know if any updates are suggested.

Can I publish a “Work from home/Remote” job?

Yes! After the COVID-19 pandemic began, Work From Home/Remote jobs are becoming increasingly popular. Currently, 85% of job seekers prefer remote options. Make sure to be clear to job seekers what the position is and include all requirements like internet access, computer, etc.

See our Work from home guidelines for more information.

Can I post internships?

Yes, but you must specify how the internship is compensated. Unpaid internships would not be eligible for free job boards.

Can I post unpaid or volunteer positions?


My job meets these requirements, so why are my jobs not visible?

If your jobs are not receiving traffic within 24-48 hours and you are confident that you have met the requirements, then your account may need further assistance. Please either open a new chat message in your account, contact us via web form, or call us during normal business hours. We will gladly take a look for you.

If you have any additional questions regarding this article please feel free to reach out, we are here to help.

Contact by chat: Click on the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen.

8:30am - 5:30pm EST
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