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How to Write Effective Job Titles
How to Write Effective Job Titles

Writing a job seeker friendly job title

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Maximizing your success on job boards and posting a job seeker friendly ad starts with the job title. In the past, job titles that contained extra information in addition to to the title was okay. However, for the best job seeker experience, titles must now be simplified to just the position available within your office. Below we will look at two examples of job titles to help you understand what can be posted and what can not. 

Job titles that can NO LONGER be posted: 

As you can see above, this job title has extra words in the title that aren't the position that is available. These extra phrases "part time", "great opportunity", and "plus benefits" are all great pieces to have in the ad! Just not in the title. The best ads for job seekers put information in the requirements, responsibilities, benefits, and job description boxes and not the title. 

Job titles that CAN be posted:

As you can see now, the job title only contains the position that is available and is listed as an "insurance sales representative". This lets the job seeker know exactly what the position is so they can decide if they want to apply. While the title does not have extra phrases or words, that does not mean the ad can't contain them. 

We always recommend providing job seekers with the benefits you offer, what makes the office unique, and what they can expect in terms of hours or pay! That information just needs to go into the ad in the correct categories to make sure the application experience is as straight-forward and job-seeker-friendly as possible.

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