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Congratulations! You’ve received a completed IdealTraits personality assessment from a candidate. They have shown interest in the role and have taken the steps to move forward by investing their time and energy.

You can create an interview based on the assessment results. This allows you to dig deeper to get to know your candidate better to determine if the role fits.

To ensure you aren’t falling into the trap of asking illegal questions or violating EEOC, read this article in our help center.

Below are questions to ask based on their personality result:


  1. Tell me about a time you struggled to sell a product to a customer due to pricing. How did you change their mind?

  2. We provide leads for you to follow up. However, you are also responsible for building your pipeline. How would you generate leads/business for yourself?

  3. What is more important? Hitting sales numbers or maintaining top-notch customer satisfaction scores? Why?

  4. What do you think would keep you from being at the top of the sales board each month?

  5. Some customers want details. Some customers want the excitement of the purchase. Have you ever failed in a sale/negotiation because you were too detailed? How did you rectify the situation and save the deal?

  6. How do you define success?

  7. If you could rewind to a moment in the past three years and change what you did, what would you do differently and why?

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