Creating Custom Email Templates

Learn how to create a custom email template within your IdealTraits account.

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Creating Custom Email Templates:

Navigate to the Candidates Tab.

Click on a Candidate's Name to enter the profile.

Click the Send Email button on the right-hand actions menu.

Click Add Template in the bottom left corner of the popup.

Enter a Template Name. This will only be visible internally, so you can keep track of what emails you have sent the candidate.

Use the dropdown menu to Select Folder.

If you do not already have custom folders created, you can select "Add New Folder." The name of this created folder will appear in the left template menu so you can return to use the template with other candidates in the future.

Type in your Email Subject.

This is the subject line that candidates will see when they receive the email.

Click into the text box to build the body of your email template.

*TIP*: Be sure to Insert Variable for things like Candidate Name, Position, or Assessment Link so that the system can auto-fill these sections for you, making it easier to use the same template when communicating with other candidates and eliminating the need for additional edits.

Once you are happy with the content of the email, click Save Template.

Congratulations! Your email template is now ready to be used in every candidate profile.

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