Emailing Candidates From Your Account

How to utilize the "email candidate" feature.

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Most clients would like a way to easily email candidates whether it's for a phone screen, to let them know they are under consideration, or even let them know they aren't interested at this time! Good news, there is a feature built into your IdealTraits account to do this. To email a candidate, the first thing you want to do is click on their name to pull up their individual personality results and contact info/resume from the Candidates list.

When you have their results up, you will see a button that says "email candidate" on the right-hand side of the screen.

Once you click that button, this screen below will pop up.

You can choose an already made template from the left hand column covering most of the potential reasons to email candidates. However, you do have two options to customize as well. You can edit all the templates that are already pre-made in case you would like to make changes or you can also click "add template" to create your own email from scratch for total customization.

If you decide to create your own template, you can also add "variables". This means you can drop aspects of the email like candidate's first and last names so it will auto-fill for each candidate you email, saving you work! (Note: do not click down and drag the variable into the text box, simply just click on the variable you would like to use and it will insert.)

Lastly, once you are ready to send a candidate an email, you can choose when you want it sent.

If you want it sent immediately, you will click "send email" and it will be sent. However, if you want it time delayed, you can choose options from the drop down including having the email sent 24 hours later.

Emails sent from your IdealTraits account are logged in the Comments & Activity tab of a candidates profile.

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