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Adding Additional Users
Adding Additional Users

How to add additional users with unique logins to your account.

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Add additional users to your account so that you can easily collaborate with your team on candidates throughout the hiring process. Additional users will have full access to your IdealTraits account under their own personal login.

*Subusers however, cannot edit your personal information, your company information, or other users within your account.

Check out this short video or follow the step-by-step instructions below to add users.

To add an additional user to your account, select Add Users from your Settings gear.

Click Add New to allow someone access to your account.

Fill in the required fields for First Name, Last Name, and Email before clicking Save.

Once you've added your user, they will appear as Invitation Sent under Status in your user list.

*When a user status is Invitation Sent, you are able to edit the user name and email if necessary. Updating the email will initiate the account invitation email to be resent.

A user becomes Active once they have established their login through the welcome email sent to their inbox.

Congratulations! You have successfully added an additional user to your account.

Additional users will also automatically be added to receive email notifications. These preferences can be updated in Notification Settings.

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