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Learn how to manage your system notifications and email delivery settings.
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Notification settings allow you to change the email routing of your account notifications. To customize your settings you will need to:

First, navigate to Settings > Hiring Settings to view your options. Once there you will see a list of the email notification settings that you can manage.

Reply to Email

The "Reply to" email allows you to change the reply-to field in your templated system emails. So, if you would rather have your candidate reply to another person in your organization you can change it here.

Partial Result Email

Email Subject line: PARTIAL Candidate Results Are Available

The Partial Results email is the notification you receive when your candidate finished the personality portion of the assessment, but has not yet completed the assessment in its entirety.

Completed Result Email

Subject line: COMPLETED Candidate Results Are Now Available

The Completed Results email is the notification you receive when your candidate finished the assessment in its entirety.

New Candidate Alerts

Subject line: [candidate email address] applied for your [job title] position

New Candidate Alerts are emailed to you immediately after a candidate applies to one of your job postings.

Bounced Email Alert

The Bounced Email Alert notifies you when an email does not make it to a candidate

ACE Bot Alert

If you have the ACE bot, this notification lets you know when a candidate has replied with an unknown response to a text the ACE bot has sent.

Changing Your Settings

Removing an email
Simply click the "x" next to the email address as shown. Then click the SAVE button.

Adding an email
Add an email address in the space provided. Then click the SAVE button.

You can even add multiple emails if you would like replies to go to multiple emails or multiple people in your organization.

Save your Changes
When you are finished making the necessary changes to your Notifications be sure to click the Save button.

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