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How to Edit a Job Ad
How to Edit a Job Ad

How to make quick updates or additions to your job ad.

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So you have your job ad posted, but you need to make some updates. Whether you're increasing your offered salary, adding more benefits, or the job responsibilities have changed a bit, you can easily make updates and edits to your job ad within the IdealTraits system.

To open the job ad edit screen, navigate to Jobs - All.

Click the title of the Active Job Ad you would like to update to enter the Edit Job Ad screen. If your ad is Archived or Expired, you will need to repost the ad to create a new draft. Check out these articles for help reposting an Archived Ad and reposting an Expired Ad.

Here, you can make any changes to the ad you'd like, (don't forget to make sure your updates meet the Job Board Guidelines), and click Post Ad to save the updates.

That's it! Those updates will be sent to the job boards to be updated within 24 hours as long as you are meeting job board guidelines.

If you have any additional questions regarding this tutorial please feel free to reach out, we are here to help.

Contact by chat: Click on the chat bubble in the bottom right of your screen.

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