One great feature for all of our clients, especially clients who are first time users, is the ability to add candidates manually in the platform. This feature allows you to add outside referrals to your dashboard to take the IdealTraits assessment but also gives you a chance to learn the assessment as you can add friends, family, or current staff. The benefit of adding current staff, of course, is that you can add your exemplar employees from your office and then try and replicate that personality during your hiring process.

So how do you do this? Let's walk you through it.

Step 1: Log in to your IdealTraits account so you see your dashboard homepage.

Step 2: Click the Candidates tab. Then, click the 'Add New' button to the far right.

Step 3: Fill in the candidate's information using the email you want the assessment sent to

Step 4: If you would like them to SEND you a resume, leave the resume button toggled on. If you do NOT want a resume, uncheck it.

Step 5: In the position dropdown, select the position your referral candidate is applying for OR if they are a current employee, choose that option.

Step 6: Hit save and send link and that will send the candidate or current employee the assessment and add them to your dashboard.

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