What is the Ad's Job Location?

Congratulations, you’re ready to create your job ad so you can start searching for fantastic candidates! But what is the “Job Location?”

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Congratulations, you’re ready to create your job ad so you can start searching for fantastic candidates! But what is the “Job Location?”

To put it simply, the job location should be the city, state, and zip code of your physical office location. This lets the job boards know exactly where you are, so they can ensure your ad is visible to candidates as long as it falls within their selected search radius. It also pulls basic information about your area from Google that can help guide you in your candidate search. This information includes the population, the average household income, and the average age of residents in your area.

Why do I need to show my location?

There are two reasons the location of the job opportunity must be visible. First, this is one of the ways that job boards can verify that it is a real job opportunity for a real company, rather than spam. Second, it's incredibly important to be transparent with candidates about your job opportunity. This transparency includes being open about where the job is located.

Will this affect the number of candidates that see my Job Ad?

No. Whether or not a candidate sees your job ad will ultimately depend on the filters and search criteria they are using in their searches. On the job boards, candidates enter information like their desired search radius around a specific city or zip code of their choosing. If your office falls within their search radius, they’ll be able to view your ad. For example, on job boards like Indeed, the candidate will be asked what kind of job they are looking for and where they want this job to be located. By default, Indeed draws a 25-mile radius around the city/zip the candidate used in their search. The candidate then has the option to make that 25-mile radius smaller (down to searching the exact location only), or they can expand it based on how far they are willing to commute (up to a 100-mile radius). See the illustration below for a helpful example.

Other factors, such as the number of other active job ads in your area, could result in your ad becoming lost in the crowd. See our article regarding sponsorship and how that can increase your visibility on the job boards.

Why doesn’t the location name match my town’s name?

This can happen if more than one city or town shares a single zip code. If you are creating a new job ad and notice the "Job Location" displays a city name that appears to be incorrect, simply update your city name by clicking directly into the text box. Another way to make sure there is no confusion for candidates is to repeat the location of your job in the body of the job description.

Example: IdealTraits, located in Lake Orion, is hiring for a new sales representative.

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