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Can you post your job ads anonymously? No- and that’s a good thing!

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Transparency is key when it comes to recruiting your future employees. It is against the job board guidelines to post jobs anonymously because it makes it impossible for them to determine if the ad is actually for a real company that is actively hiring. One way they confirm that the ad is legitimate is by matching the business name and location of your ad to your business's actual name and location.

But I don’t want my competition to think my agency is struggling because I’m hiring.

Hiring is not a bad thing! There are many reasons why your team might be growing. What hiring new employees really tells your competition is that you are successful, and you need additional staff to be able to maintain your momentum!

I don't want my current employees to be upset because the new hire may have a higher starting pay.

Again, we come back to transparency. We always encourage you to post a salary on your job ad but understand that it may put you in a position to have some uncomfortable conversations with your current staff. This just gives you the perfect opportunity to review your current payroll and ensure you are paying all your employees fairly, keeping in mind that market trends change over time. More and more states are now requiring by law that salary is listed in every job ad. Beyond that, your employees may still discuss their earnings, even if you don’t post a salary or post an ad anonymously.

I’m worried that if candidates see my business name, they’ll call the office directly or try to apply in person.

You must have a great reputation if you have candidates busting down the door to be able to work for you! You can simply redirect them to apply through your ad so that they can easily complete the assessment. Plus, their excitement shows that you have a candidate who is less likely to ghost during the hiring process.

Finally, company culture is important to many job seekers. It is common practice for candidates to research a company prior to applying to make sure it would be a culture fit for you both. If they don’t know who you are, they’re more likely to skip over your ad. This also means it is important to ensure that your online presence is as great as you can make it!

Put yourself in your future employee’s shoes. Would you have more confidence applying to the company that clearly states who they are, or the one that hides it? Fortune favors the bold, so proudly post that job ad and happy hiring!

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