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How to Share Ads to Social Media
How to Share Ads to Social Media

Sharing your IdealTraits job ads on social sites for maximum exposure.

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Congratulations, your job ad has been submitted! Now, you’ll want to share it on social media and tag your friends & current employees to get even more exposure.

To share your job ad on social media, you first want to follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Jobs Tab and click All Jobs

  2. Using the Action bar to the right of your job ad, click on Share

  3. This will take you to the Sponsor Job page where you can scroll down to find the heading, Share on Social Media. (To learn more about sponsoring your job ad, check out this article.)

Under the Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter logos, you’ll be able to click the Share button to create a post. You will have to log in to your accounts for these three platforms to be able to share your posts.

When you click Share on Facebook and get logged into your account, another pop-up window will open that will give you the option to share the ad to your news feed or to your story. You'll be able to select, Share on a Page you Manage.

You can also click Copy URL above the social media section to copy the link to your job ad in your clipboard. You can then right click into your own social media post to Paste the link into a post. You can also use this to send the link to people via email, or to post the link to your website.

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