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Customizing Your Candidate Page View
Customizing Your Candidate Page View
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Did you know that you can easily customize your Candidate tab to get the information you're looking for more quickly? We've recently introduced Collapsable Hiring Stages and a Manage Columns option. Let me show you how they work!

Collapsable Hiring Stages

  • Collapsable Hiring Stages allows you to hide your Hiring Stages from view to have more room for candidate information.

  • All you have to do is click the arrows in the top right corner of the Stages box to collapse.

  • Hover over the arrows and click again to expand them back to full size.

Manage Columns

  • You now have the option to view more, or less, information about candidates from the Candidates tab. To Manage Columns, locate the small filter menu in the top right corner of the Candidate tab.

  • Click the dropdown menu to select/deselect the information you would like to see on your Candidate tab.

  • Once you've selected your options, you can go back to the Candidate Tab to preview this information before even clicking on your candidate's profile.

  • These options can be changed and updated at any time.

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