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Connect Your LinkedIn Company ID
Connect Your LinkedIn Company ID
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Step 1 (If you already have an Active Company Page you can skip this step):

  • Select Company as your Page Type

  • Next, Customize your Company Page by filling out the required information.

    • Company Name

    • Industry

    • Organization Size

    • Organization Type

  • You may further customize your page by adding a link to your website, your Logo, and a Tagline.

  • Verify that you are an authorized representative of your company and click Create Page.

Step 2:

  • Locate the block for your company page on the left side of your LinkedIn home screen.

  • Click the title of your business to navigate to your business page.

  • Locate the numbers after /company/ in the URL at the top of your company's page.

  • These numbers are your Company ID.

  • Highlight and Copy these numbers before returning to your IdealTraits account.

Step 3:

  • Once you have collected your Company ID, log into IdealTraits.

  • Navigate to the Marketplace Tab.

  • Find the LinkedIn Integration block.

  • Paste your Company ID into the text box and click Connect.

Congratulations, your ads will now be shared automatically to LinkedIn when you post through IdealTraits.

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