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What Personalities Are You Looking For?
What Personalities Are You Looking For?

Get a better idea of what personalities you should be looking for based on the type of role you're looking to fill.

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Before you can begin to decide what personality types you are looking for, you must know exactly what role you need to fill in your agency. Every agency has a little bit different idea of what responsibilities fall under a certain job title, so make sure you have a clear idea of what responsibilities the role you need to fill will entail. Ensure that you are writing a job ad to clearly describe those responsibilities.

For a solid foundation of success, you should also understand what personalities you currently have in your office. This will help you to understand what personality traits your top performers in various roles have so you can try to replicate those numbers, or fill in the gaps, with your new hires.

Keep in mind, everyone's Performance Index numbers can vary. It is important to fully review each personality result to understand how the numbers can help someone in a certain role and where you may need to provide extra support or training based on their job duties.

*Personalities are listed in alphabetical order for ease of reference.


Examples of Potential Responsibilities: Relationship building, follow-ups, obtaining referrals, networking with existing/previous customers, warm leads/leads provided, cross-selling/account rounding, taking payments, updating client information, issuing insurance documentation, policy changes, shopping renewals, scheduling appointments, maintaining client retention, educate & advise clients on policies.

Personalities Suited for these Responsibilities: Closer, Competitor (with High Motivation - 60 and above), Engineer*, Independent, Knowledgeable, Networker**, Persistent**, Planner**, Sales Leader, Sales Person

Potential Roles: Inside Sales Representative, Outside Sales Representative, Account Executive, Sales Manager, Business Development Representative, Life Insurance Sales, Telemarketing***.

  • ** - These personalities may need additional training or supervision to be more successful with cold-calling.

  • *** - Telemarketing should be a stepping stone into a sales position.

Customer Service

Examples of Potential Responsibilities: Educate & advise clients on policies, objection handling/win backs, cold-calling/telephone prospecting, develop insurance quotes, make sales presentations, relationship building, networking/developing leads, cross-selling/account rounding, policy changes, shopping renewals.

Personalities Suited for these Responsibilities: Competitor (with Low Motivation - 40 and below), Competitor (with High Motivation - 60 and above), Consistent, Knowledgeable, Nurturer, Organizer, Perfectionist, Researcher

Potential Roles: Account Manager, Customer Service and Sales Representative, Customer Service Representative, Customer Success, Customer Support, Client Success Manager, Retention.


Examples of Potential Responsibilities: Taking payments, accounting, social media marketing, event planning, bookkeeping, issuing insurance documentation, preparing invoices, updating and verifying client information, scheduling appointments, maintaining client retention,

Personalities Suited for these Responsibilities: Consistent, Engineer, Knowledgeable, Networker, Persistent, Perfectionist, Planner, Sales Leader, Sales Person

Potential Roles: Recruiter, Receptionist, Administrative Assistant, Office Manager, Operations Manager, Marketing, Billing, Quality Assurance, Executive Assistant.

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