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Downloading the Verified First Extension
Downloading the Verified First Extension

How to download the Verified First Integration Extension on Google Chrome.

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Downloading the Extension:

Once you have created your Password and logged into Verified First, it is time to download the Google Chrome Extension. The link to download the extension is in the email titled Welcome to Verified First from

You will be directed to a page that gives you the option to Install in Chrome. Click that option and then click Add to Chrome.

Your browser will verify that you want to add the extension and you will select Add Extension from the popup menu and the download process will begin.

Once the extension download is complete, you will receive a browser notification that Verified First has been added to Chrome.

Pinning Verified First to your Tools Bar in Chrome:

Click the Puzzle Piece in the top right-hand corner of your browser.

Locate the Verified First extension and click the Pin to the very right.

Once you pin the extension, you will see the Verified First logo appear in your Google Chrome Toolbar. Click the logo to Allow permissions so that Verified First can communicate with your IdealTraits platform.

Utilizing the Extension:

Now that you have allowed permissions, you can log into, go to your Candidates tab, click into a Candidate Name, and locate the Screen with Verified First option in the Candidate Profile.

To activate the extension within the IdealTraits account before sending your first background check order, click Screen with Verified First from any candidate profile or test candidate profile in your IdealTraits account.

You will be prompted to log into Verified First using your email address and the password you created.

Once you have logged in following these steps, the extension will be activated within the IdealTraits platform.

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