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Conducting Group Interviews
Conducting Group Interviews

Steps for a successful group interview process.

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So how do you complete a group interview on Zoom? You want to ensure that you are introducing yourself and your business to your candidates and better understanding who they are as individuals. We've compiled some tips for the best way to conduct group interviews in your search for your next ideal hire.

Step 1: Introduce yourself

  • Talk about what your career has looked like and what led you to become an agency owner.

  • Talk about the agency's history and office culture.

Step 2: Candidate Introduction

Ask the candidates to take turns introducing themselves and answering two questions.

  • What attracted you to the role?

  • What do you do in your spare time?

    • Suggest the candidates take no longer than a minute to do this.

    • We also recommend sending the questions in the zoom chat so the candidates can reference them if necessary.

Step 3: Ask 1 - 2 more questions

These can be personality related or role-specific. check out our list of Sample Interview Questions.

Step 4: Talk about the role

  • Be specific and give goals that they will need to accomplish each day.

  • Explain what a typical day in the role will look like for them.

  • Explain any requirements of the position.

    • If there are licensing requirements, talk about what that looks like (give as much detail as possible).

  • Don’t forget to talk about the benefits that they would receive, too!

Step 5: Close out the interview

  • Close 1: "I will put my contact information in the chat box below. If you are interested in the position, reach out to me and we can further the discussion."

    • This is the preferred close of the interview. This is because it puts the effort back on the candidate and encourages them to reach out and ask for the job. This will show initiative on the candidate's part.

  • Close 2: Thank the candidates for coming and let them know that they can expect to hear from you about the next steps within 1-2 business days.

    • This close could be used for candidates you want to think about and maybe even review the interview before you move forward. It could also be a better fit if you feel you connected with a candidate and want to reach out right away.

Here is an example of Group Interview Red Flags.

If you, as the interviewer are not prepared, you are not setting a good foundation for the conversation. This video demonstrates red flags from both the interviewer and the candidates' end.

If you have any additional questions regarding this tutorial please feel free to reach out, we are here to help.

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