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Assessment Result: INDEPENDENT


Independents have high expectations and may take on challenges and decisions with an ambitious “do-er” mentality. They are results-oriented and strive to achieve their goals, even if it is at the expense of others. They are perceived as ambitious and have a tendency to become focused when trying to reach their target. They are conscious of the bottom line and their personal time is valuable to them.

Independents believe they have all the answers and may show a lack of respect for another person’s opinions. This makes them appear arrogant to others. Paired with the need for control and wanting recognition due to their own insecurities, they may refuse to delegate tasks and projects to others. Leadership needs to communicate to them that they must learn to respect others' styles, skills, and ideas for effective team achievement.


  • Competitive/Ambitious

  • Straight to the point

  • Serious

  • Perceptive

  • Reliable/Predictable

  • Values their time and how it is spent

  • Independent

  • Persistent

Areas That Need Support:

  • Independents prefer to work alone.

  • They may irritate easily.

  • They can appear to be indifferent to others' feelings.

  • They are often set in their ways and do not change their mind easily.

  • They struggle with delegating because they feel they can do assigned tasks or projects better.

  • They want all the glory.

  • They will make it clear if you are wasting their time.

  • They can be pessimistic.

Role in Office:

Would an Independent be good at cold calling?

  • Independents have the initiative and confidence to buckle down and do cold calling. They can be attentive to the prospect's needs. However, they may feel cold calling is a waste of their time if they do not get the results they want and will quickly become impatient with it. “Small talk” may be a struggle. When coaching, roleplay ways to stay motivated and how to build rapport.

Would an Independent make a good customer service representative?

  • Independents have a steady personality. Although they do have some customer service attributes such as being reliable, attentive, and a problem solver, they do have a tendency to become impatient and insensitive, which may include being blunt and cutting the other person short.

What role is best for an Independent?

  • Care should be taken when considering an Independent for Sales or Customer Service. It is recommended their emotional intelligence and skills be evaluated prior to a decision.

  • Why should we not hire you?

  • Please share an example of a time you had a problem working with someone. What made them challenging to work with? What steps did you take to resolve the issues?

  • What do you need to be motivated and successful in your job?

  • What is your greatest work failure? What did you learn from it? What would you do differently now?

  • Tell me about a time when there was a significant change in your work environment. What effect did this change have on your work?

  • What is your greatest weakness? What do you do to overcome it?

  • How do you feel when someone interrupts you while you are in the middle of an important task?

Example Interview Questions:

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Benefits to the Team:

  • Good leaders with a steady demeanor.

  • “Plan work; work plan.”

  • “Do-er Mentality.”


  • Producing sub-par work.

  • Loss of power.

  • Loss of security.

Suggestions on how to Communicate:

Remember to be brief, concise, and to the point. Independents listen to short explanations; they want to know how it will benefit them and they can become impatient if the conversion is dragging on. For instance, an Independent favors directness and will quickly lose patience with small talk. If you’re meeting with this person, it’s in your best interest to cut to the chase -- they will be much more receptive to your point if it’s delivered quickly. If you’re dealing with an Independent, be brief and direct, validate your argument with a few carefully selected data points, and let them take the lead -- within reason.

**Disclaimer** - Candidates should not be hired or rejected for a position based on their Personality Assessment Results alone. Make sure you are using the assessments as a piece of your process, giving equal consideration to the assessment, resume/experience, and interview.

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