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Assessment Result: NETWORKER


Networkers are excellent at creating relationships and developing rapport with others around them. They seek out favorable conversations and enjoy being at the center of attention. They have numerous contacts and are always looking for more. They are willing to listen to or tell a “story” at any time. They do have influence over others and bring enthusiasm and a positive attitude. They need a strong boss to give clear, defined tasks daily.

Networkers find sales a bit of a challenge and may back down when it is time to ask for a sale. The lack of drive and motivation curtail them from performing at a high level. They tend to get easily bored with routine tasks and may start looking for another role or challenge. Due to this, you will likely interview more Networkers. Be aware they are very good during interviews and “appear” to be a perfect match for a sales role. During the interview, question them on prior positions, tenure, why they left, and how they ranked among peers.

Proceed with caution if hiring a Networker specifically for a sales/commission position. Motivation/Drive should not be below a 50 with the outside numbers over 60.


  • Excellent at creating relationships and rapport

  • Independent

  • Great storytellers

  • Influential

  • Lots of Contacts

  • Eager

  • Strong-minded

  • Relaxed

Areas That Need Support:

  • Networkers value popularity over results.

  • They can be job hoppers (Boredom is a contributing factor).

  • When they retell stories they may show themselves as the victim or the hero.

  • They can have trouble asking for the sale.

  • They need constant recognition.

  • They can be impulsive.

  • Effective leadership is needed.

  • They can be unorganized.

Role in Office:

Would a Networker be good at cold calling?

  • A networker may be good at cold calling under supervision. They have the capability to make contacts quickly, pass leads, and move on to the next. They do struggle with rejection and may get discouraged. Be clear with goals and tasks.

Would a Networker make a good customer service representative?

  • Networkers are good at relationship building and would seem a perfect fit for customer service. However, they do struggle with details, listening when convenient, and sticking to a schedule.

What role is best for a Networker?

  • Potential roles best suited for a Networker include Telemarketing, Life & Health Insurance (Outside Sales), Marketing Specialist, Event Planner, and “Community Networker.”

  • Can you tell me about your goals for the future? What steps have you taken to make sure you achieve them?

  • How do you overcome price objections?

  • If you had to choose between a guaranteed $200 sale or a chance at a $2,000 deal, which would you go after and why?

  • Tell me about your most significant sales achievement.

  • Are you more successful prospecting in the office or the field?

  • What do you do if you disagree with another team member?

  • What does success look like to you in the workplace?

Example Interview Questions:

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Benefits to the Team:

  • Promotes projects and people.

  • Initiates Ideas.

  • Motivates Team.

  • Offer open door policy. Give their time.

  • Negotiates Conflict.


  • Loss of social acceptance.

  • Rejection.

  • Not being heard by others.

  • Ideas not taken into consideration.

Suggestions on how to Communicate:

  • Be casual.

  • Use humor.

  • Provide encouraging feedback.

  • Emails should be friendly and personal.

  • Allow them to speak about themselves and what is going on in their lives.

  • Have in-person meetings when possible with no agenda.

**Disclaimer** - Candidates should not be hired or rejected for a position based on their Personality Assessment Results alone. Make sure you are using the assessments as a piece of your process, giving equal consideration to the assessment, resume/experience, and interview.

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