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Assessment Result: PLANNER


Planners are focused on results and setting realistic expectations. They communicate in a direct, objective manner with others. With their drive for excellence in results and planning, they will bring about changes after identifying problems that require their immediate attention. The ways that they will help people are likely to be sound as Planners will explore all options before making a final decision. Once they have decided on a course of action, Planners will focus on the task of implementing their plan. They will direct others with precision, holding to their plan and the knowledge it is for the improvement of everyone. If questioned, the Planner will have the information and facts to back it up.

Planners can be conflicted in their thought processes by being driven by two opposite forces in their behavior. They want tangible results “Now,” but they want the outcome to be “perfect.” Planners are sometimes paralyzed by their need to explore every option available before making a big decision. They may come across as blunt and impersonal. Planners may focus more on tasks/fact-finding than social poise and may appear to lack understanding of the other person’s feelings or the stress they may be causing due to their abrupt changes. Where they are capable of seeing the big picture of their plan, they may lack the ability to see the smaller details and may not listen completely to concerns once they have started implementing their plan.


  • Focused on results and realistic expectations

  • Communicates directly, using facts

  • Straightforward, objective

  • Problem solver/Fact-Finder

  • Flexible on their terms

  • Identifies specific ways to help others improve.

  • Directs with precision. Planning ability/Foresight

Areas That Need Support:

  • Planners want results now and they want them to be perfect. They have a conflicted thought process.

  • They focus on tasks, not people. They may seem to have an impersonal manner.

  • They take criticism personally because they are the “Expert.”

  • They need to know how they are evaluated and the guidelines and expectations to prevent mistakes.

  • They may make changes quickly, decisively, and assertively. This may cause stress for others.

  • They may struggle with listening and might miss important details.

  • They can be inflexible with others on instructions/rules.

Role in Office:

Would a Planner be good at cold calling?

  • Planners have the persistence to do cold calling plus the ability to be detailed and gather important information, but they lack in their ability of “small talk.” Cold Call sessions should be monitored to ensure empathy and time spent building the client relationship.

Would a Planner make a good customer service representative?

  • Planners have a tendency to be impatient and blunt. Their need to also be “perfect” may slow down any sales or cross-selling opportunities.

What role is best for a Planner?

  • Potential roles suited for a Planner include Sales Operations Manager, Office Manager, Administrative Assistant, Life Insurance Sales, Financial Planning, and Telemarketing.

  • What are the top three factors you would attribute to your success?

  • You are in a social situation where you don’t know anyone. What do you do?

  • How do you use feedback from others to gain perspective?

  • What challenges did you face in your previous role? What did you do to overcome them?

  • Tell me when you convinced a reluctant customer to make a purchase. How did you do it?

  • Describe a time when you helped establish a needed process for others to follow. How do you think that impacted the team’s workflow?

  • Tell me about a time when you missed an important detail. What did you do? Was it resolved?

Example Interview Questions:

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Benefits to the Team:

  • Initiates Change.

  • Not afraid to shake things up or challenge the status quo.

  • Thrive in environments that allow them to work on a tight deadline to accomplish goals.


  • Lack of Influence.

  • Failure to achieve standards.

  • Criticism.

Suggestions on how to Communicate:

  • Use a calm, direct demeanor.

  • Provide factual information.

  • Any feedback should be logical and supported by facts.

  • Meetings should be scheduled, minimal, and have a prepared agenda.

**Disclaimer** - Candidates should not be hired or rejected for a position based on their Personality Assessment Results alone. Make sure you are using the assessments as a piece of your process, giving equal consideration to the assessment, resume/experience, and interview.

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