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Assessment Result: ENGINEER


Engineers have a very steady type of personality. They are analytical, confident, and dependable individuals. They will calmly and steadfastly work toward a fixed goal on an independent path. Engineers may be successful at many things, not so much because of their versatility, but because of their dogged determination. They want clear and precise goals so they can develop and implement their own orderly plan.

Once they embark on a project, the Engineer will be tenacious in reaching the objective and could be perceived as being stubborn and opinionated. Engineers do well with technical and challenging work where they can use actual data. They are logical in their thought process and may have difficulty working with an out-of-the-box thinker.


  • Decisive

  • Comfortable overcoming objectives

  • Can work independently with detailed instructions

  • Predictable/Routine Oriented

  • Active Listener

  • Patient

  • Organizes thoughts before taking action

  • Makes decisions based on concrete evidence

Areas That Need Support:

  • Engineers may appear to others as overstepping authority.

  • They may appear to others as standoffish.

  • They may also appear to others as lacking empathy and blunt.

  • They may take on too much at one time.

  • They are often reserved. It takes time to build rapport.

  • They are often sensitive to criticism.

  • They can pessimistic.

  • It takes them some time to accept sudden changes or surprises.

Role in Office:

Would an Engineer be good at cold calling?

  • Engineers have the motivation to cold call, but they may struggle to build quick rapport with prospects. They like to get to the point quickly and give only necessary information.

Would an Engineer make a good customer service representative?

  • Though Engineers have harmonious characteristics, they are more task-driven. If put into a service role, they would be most effective with chat, emails, texts, etc.

What role is best for an Engineer?

  • Engineers can succeed in all roles, however, their personality is best suited for supporting roles that are task-drive, challenging, and have clear goals such as an Account Exec, Recruiter / Talent Acquisition, Operations Manager, Telemarketer, and Marketing.

  • Tell me about a time you dealt with an emotional client. What was the situation? How was it resolved?

  • How would you define a team player?

  • Did you ever have to sell a product you did not believe in? What was it? What did you do?

  • How do you overcome a sense of perfectionism?

  • Tell me about a time when you saw an issue and took it upon yourself to resolve it, rather than waiting for someone else to fix it.

  • Would others consider you easy to talk to and get along with? Why do you think that is?

  • What resources do you need from us to make you successful in this role? What did you use or have available to you in your last position?

Example Interview Questions:

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Benefits to the Team:

  • Objective with company decisions.

  • Follow-through.

  • Work on tasks without distraction.


  • Having to complete others’ goals.

  • Lack of progress.

  • Convincing others of ideas without concrete proof.

Suggestions on how to Communicate:

Remember to be brief, concise, and to the point. Engineers listen to short explanations; they want to know how it will benefit them and they can become impatient if the conversion is dragging on. For instance, an Engineer favors directness and will quickly lose patience with small talk. If you’re meeting with this person, it’s in your best interest to cut to the chase -- they will be much more receptive to your point if it’s delivered quickly. If you’re dealing with an Engineer, be brief and direct, validate your argument with a few carefully selected data points, and let them take the lead -- within reason.

**Disclaimer** - Candidates should not be hired or rejected for a position based on their Personality Assessment Results alone. Make sure you are using the assessments as a piece of your process, giving equal consideration to the assessment, resume/experience, and interview.

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