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What is the ACE Bot?

Automated Candidate Engagement Bot - How This Add-on May Increase Assessment Completion

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If you've been looking at a candidates results on your way to finding an Ideal fit for your office, you have probably seen the ACE Bot tab that asks if you'd like to purchase. If you haven't or if you're not sure, it looks like this:

Once you click "Purchase ACE Bot," it will prompt you to choose a phone number that shares your area code! The number you select is your unique number from there on out, until you release it.

What does it do?

The ACE bot immediately starts text communications with candidates that have applied for your open position. It's pre-programmed with automated text messages and acts as a virtual assistant for employers, helping you be proactive with your applicants.

Without ACE bot, candidates will receive email reminders to take the assessment. Emails are great, however with ACE Bot, when a candidate applies they are automatically sent a text message that asks which communication method they prefer: email or a text. This is helpful because reminder emails get lost in a sea of unread emails and spam, but a text goes right to the candidates phone screen and reminds them of the great opportunity your office is offering them!

Since candidates are receiving reminders and alerts to their phone, you may see a rise in the amount of candidates taking the assessment as the alerts no longer get lost or ignored in a messy inbox.

What does it cost?

The ACE bot is a monthly recurring charge of $15.99. It will automatically renew each month unless you choose to release your number and no longer utilize the service.

To purchase ACE bot, click Marketplace, and click Purchase under the ACE Bot card. Select a number for your bot, fill in the required payment information, and click submit.

To release your bot and cancel your subscription, refer back to Marketplace, and click Cancel under the ACE Bot card. A pop-up will appear asking if you'd like to release the number, click "yes".

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