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Learn how adding hiring stages in IdealTraits can help organize your candidates through your hiring process.

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Hiring stages are a great way to organize and follow your candidates through the hiring process.

The stages available in your account are as follows:


The All stage is the complete list of active candidates in your account. From this tab, you can easily filter and move candidates along the hiring process.


The Assessment stage is where you will find candidates who have not yet completed the Assessment. When moving a candidate to the Assessment stage, IdealTraits will automatically send out an invitation on your behalf for the candidate to complete the online assessment. If you would like to remind your candidate by resending the assessment invitation, simply click the Star icon next to the candidate or use the Email Templates.

Assessment Complete

Once the candidate completes the IdealTraits assessment, and a personality result is returned, the candidate will automatically be placed in the Assessment Complete stage. This makes it easy for you to keep up with the most current candidate actions.

Phone Screen

The Phone Screen stage is typically used to segment candidates that have completed the IdealTraits assessment and require a phone screen by your company.


The Interview stage is typically used to segment candidates that have already completed the IdealTraits assessment with a favorable outcome, maintained your interest after your phone screen process, and have scheduled a more in-depth interview with your company.


The Offer stage is used to place candidates that you have invited to become an employee in your organization but have not yet accepted your job offer. Moving a candidate to this stage will also give you the option to easily send them an offer letter using our customizable template.


When your candidate has accepted your offer, move them to the Hired stage. IdealTraits will maintain your employee's hire date and track your company's average time to hire.


Use the Archive to move candidates that won't be a good fit for your organization or the position available. Moving candidates to the Archive doesn't fully delete their profile, so you can always refer back to archived candidates if you need to.

*Tip: Use tags when archiving candidates to identify those that may be better suited for a different role in your company, or have accepted an offer elsewhere.

Want to Customize your Stages? Go to Hiring Settings > Hiring Stages > Add Hiring Stages.

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