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How to send a personalized offer letter from within the IdealTraits system.

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There are two different ways you can generate an offer letter.

First, by advancing a candidate to the "Offer" stage a "Generate an Offer" box will pop up. If you select "Cancel" the candidate will stay in the stage they are currently in. If you choose "Not Now" they will be advanced to the "Offer" stage and you can go back to send an offer letter at a later time.

Second, in the All candidates tab, find the candidate you are looking for, hit the 'Stages' dropdown menu & select 'Offer.'

In all instances, a "Generate an Offer" box will pop up.

Generating the Offer

Once here, you can customize both the offer letter and the email the candidate will receive straight from the IdealTraits system.

The email address the candidate used to apply will automatically be filled in.

Select the offer expiration date, the start date, the pay rate (year, month, week, day, or hour), the pay frequency (weekly, biweekly, bi-monthly, or monthly), whether or not there is commission, and their potential direct manager's name and email address.

This will automatically add all of that information to the offer letter preview on the right.

You can also easily go into the letter on the right and modify it directly.

Just like with our email templates, you can edit the offer letter email straight on the page along with the preset variables to help customize each offer email without having to change the candidate's information each time.

Once you have everything the way you want it simply click Send Offer.

As soon as the offer is sent the candidate will automatically be moved from their current stage to the Offer stage. It will also track the candidates' progress from being sent the offer letter, to them viewing the offer letter, and finally signing the letter as shown below.

If they do not sign by the time the offer expires the tracking will disappear and the candidate will stay in the "Offer" stage.

However, if they accept the offer the candidate will automatically be moved to the "Hired" stage and your new employee's direct manager will be emailed letting them know the offer has been accepted.

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