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How to leave comments in Comments & Activity and understanding the System Messages.

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IdealTraits equips its users with all the tools necessary to hire great talent. One of those tools being the Comments & Activity tab. The Comments & Activity tab is great for several reasons; it logs all the emails sent to a candidate, when they completed the assessment, what time you scheduled that video interview for, and more. This article discusses where to find Comments & Activity, what system messages are logged there, & how to leave notes that you can refer back to later on.

Where is Comments & Activity?

Comments & Activity is located in a candidate's profile. You can get there by simply clicking on a candidate's name, then clicking on the Comments & Activity tab.

What System Messages are Shown in Comments & Activity?

The system leaves messages in Comments & Activity so you can reference back and see any emails this candidate has received, or any activity that prompted a system message. Here are a few examples you might come across:

  1. "Assessment Sent" - when the assessment link was sent to the candidate.

  2. "Completed Assessment" - when the candidate completed the assessment.

  3. "Emailed Candidate {Template Name}" - when you send an email through your IdealTraits account, the system keeps track of what email was sent as well as the time it was sent.

  4. "Emailed Candidate {Template Name} (Sent with delay 1 Day)" - When you send an email through your IdealTraits account with any kind of delay, the system will make a record of the email sent and the length of time delay.

  5. "Moved Candidate to {Stage}" - This will show when you move a candidate from one stage to another.

  6. "Moved Candidate to Archive Stage TAG: {Tag}" - This comment will show when you've archived the candidate, as well as included a tag on their profile when you sent them to the archive.

  7. "Sent candidate Instant Video Request" - when you requested an instant meeting with the Zoom integration.

  8. "Sent candidate a Video meeting request for date @ time" - when you've sent the candidate a scheduled video meeting request with the Zoom integration.

How to add a Comment in Comments & Activity

There are 2 different ways you can leave a comment in Comments & Activity:

  1. Click on the "Comment" button located at the right of your screen.

  2. Click on 'Comments & Activity' tab and enter them in the 'Type notes' box.

Once you've typed out your comment, click "submit" and it will be added to the log and you can refer back to it later on.

We hope you found this walk-thru helpful.

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