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Changing the Search Radius and Posting in Multiple Locations
Changing the Search Radius and Posting in Multiple Locations

The rules surrounding the zip code radius and posting in multiple locations

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There are some rules the job boards have regarding zip codes, the search radius, and posting in multiple locations. Here are a couple of questions we get frequently and their answers.

Can I change the search radius?

On your end, no, you cannot change the zip code search radius. The reason being that the search radius on the job ad is there for the candidate to choose how far they are willing to travel. 

In other words:

  • You put in the zip code where your office is located. 

  • The candidate puts in the zip code where they are searching for a job.

  • The job boards default the candidate's search to 25 miles. 

  • The candidate can then decide to expand or contract their search depending on how far they are willing to travel. These options range from a 5-mile radius to a 100-mile radius.

  • Hopefully, if they are the right candidate, your zip code will fall in their search radius. 

Can I post different sales ads in different zip codes?

Job boards use the zip code you sign up with as your primary location and want to see all available opportunities coming from that main office. For example, you may have 4 offices in different zip codes, but you can only post to the zip code attached to your account. The reasoning is that job seekers want to know the office they apply to is the one they are going to work at. 

So if they apply to the location in one zip code but see the same agency in multiple cities, they may fear they are going to work at one of the additional locations. If you do have multiple locations, that is great and a sign of growth! To post to multiple locations, you will need to purchase an account with each new office or you can sponsor your ads with Indeed and post them all from just one account.

If you do choose to sponsor your ads to post for multiple zip codes, make sure to include the city name where each position is located in the job description.

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