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Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting
Artificial Intelligence in Recruiting

Should we eliminate the Human element in our recruiting?

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With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) being used to help us with our recruiting needs, there is a belief that the human element of the hiring process is disappearing. At our fingertips, we have applicant tracking systems, compensation information platforms, job boards, social media, and assessments. All of which are to help us find qualified candidates. Although it is true that we have all of these resources available, it is also true that you need a human being on the other end evaluating the results. Put together, AI and the human element can help you avoid a bad hire. 

According to recent surveys, a bad hire can cost organizations upwards of $50,000 in advertising, training, and lost revenue, not to mention the emotional hit to staff morale. This can be devastating to an organization.  If you could avoid making this costly mistake, wouldn’t you do everything in your power to make sure you didn’t make that bad hire? Of course you would.

Of all of the recruiting resources, assessments and interviews are the most important tools hiring managers and recruiters use to help determine if the candidate is right for a position. For example, if you are advertising for a sales position, you want someone who is outgoing and enjoys speaking to people. An introvert or unmotivated person would not be a good fit for sales.    

The personality assessment determines if they are right for the position by identifying the candidate’s strengths and areas for improvement. This is the starting point on whether or not they should be brought in for an interview. To help you further with the decision, the assessment should be used with other qualifiers such as a cognitive test and questionnaire to help evaluate other areas, such as problem solving and grammar.  

The face-to-face interview is the human element/interaction that determines the candidate’s soft skills. This is done by asking specific interview questions targeted to their personality and their strengths and areas of improvement. You will be evaluating their communication skills, attitude, how they interact with you and your staff, attention to detail, and if they are trainable and coachable.

AI and the human element are a crucial part of the recruiting process and help to ensure you make a successful hire. By combining artificial and human intelligence as a part of your interview process, it will save you time, money, and above all, give you peace of mind in your hiring decisions.

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