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What is Google for Jobs and how to post to Google for Jobs

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What is Google for Jobs?

Google for Jobs is a search engine feature that gathers job listings from across the web (from job listing sites and so forth) into one large database and presented to the google user in their search results. Here's a great explainer video.

There are a few ways to bring up Google Jobs in search results. Users can search by a job title (ie: "insurance sales manager jobs"), jobs in a specified location (ie: "jobs in Lake Orion, MI"), or a combination of the two (ie: insurance sales manager jobs in Lake Orion MI).

Here is an example: Let's search "insurance sales manager jobs in Lake Orion MI"

In the search results, I was presented with this user-friendly related search from Google for Jobs. From here, the job seeker can easily click and apply for the job.

Although google searched jobs are primarily still dominated by and ZipRecruiter, I feel confident that Google for Jobs will continue to build out this search engine feature.

How do I get my Job postings listed on Google for Jobs?

Your jobs are automatically sent to Google for Jobs for inclusion for FREE.  Google searches and features jobs that are posted from many job sites like ZipRecruiter and Glassdoor and IdealTraits.

Here's the great news 👍
IdealTraits users’ jobs are automatically recognized by Google and will automatically be sent for inclusion in the U.S. however, ultimately it is up to the discretion of Google to list your job in the search results.

How do I remove my jobs from Google when the position is filled?
Simply archive your job. Within a day or 2, the job posting will be removed.

How do I optimize my job postings for Google for Jobs?

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